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Sanjay Dutt trying to quit smoking



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Sanjay Dutt has been trying hard to quit smoking, days before his sentence in the Mumbai Blasts case is announced. Friends noticed the change over the last few weeks and we tried to find out from his vendors if this was true.

When he stayed at Bandra's Pali Hill neighborhood, Sanjay bought his ciggies from Prashant General Store outside his house. The shop's owner, Anna, said: "He used to buy cartons of Marlboro Lights. Many times I've had to open my shop after locking it for the day because he'd come and ask for cigarettes."

"For some months now I've seen him reduce the number of cigarettes he's been buying from me," Anna said, "I think he's trying to cut down."

Anna said the actor came around less often after he moved from Nargis Dutt Road to nearby Perry Cross Road, also in Bandra. Outside Dutt's apartment in Sona Villa on Perry Cross, the paanwala Vermaji was the same one who used to give Sanjay his cigarettes when he was growing up.

"Sanju has never changed his brand and I've always sold him Marlboros with brown filters," said Vermaji, "he used to buy them by the carton but now I think it's not more than a pack or so a day."

"I'm not sure if he's been buying from somewhere else but he's reduced. And if he quits I'll lose a big customer!" he said. The actor has quit habits before. Around the launch of his first film, Rocky in 1980, he was in the news for having confessed to his father that he abused drugs. He underwent treatment for that early in his youth and was said to have been clean since.

His smoking of cigarettes has not gelled well with a life that he has since spent in the pursuit of health. Around the time that he did Naam with Mahesh Bhatt, in the late 80s, Sanjay started putting in daily hours at the gym and was one of the first Bollywood heroes to have a gym-chiseled body.

Of late, age - he is now approaching 50 - and a manic schedule have taken their toll. Those who saw him in jail when he was an undertrial in 1995 remember his smoking. "His teeth had turned brown because he couldn't go to a dentist," one reporter said, "and he always had a white pack of Marlboros with him which he would share with fellow inmates."

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