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‘You look good when you feel good’: Madhuri Dixit



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‘You look good when you feel good’: Madhuri Dixit

In a career spanning three glorious decades, Madhuri Dixit has emerged as one of the most successful actresses the Hindi film industry has ever seen. Despite taking a long sabbatical from films after getting married, she was welcomed back into the industry with arms wide open.

While she was away, settling down in her new home in the US, the film industry back home witnessed many changes — some rapid and some gradual. Madhuri, much like her counterpart Sridevi, rose to superstardom in an era when the industry was perhaps at its male-dominated best. They were the game-changers in the 90s, who showed actresses could be superstars too. When she returned to India, the industry was little like how she had seen in her heydays. But Madhuri was only too pleased with the change.

“I’m certainly very happy with the way our film industry has grown. The content and essence of the craft is richer. Filmmakers are willing to experiment and not get caught in a web of monotony. Their approach has become more serious which is very inspiring for actors.” The dance diva is thrilled about her next film Gulab Gang. “I stumbled upon a script like that of Gulab Gang at the right time. It makes me happy that filmmakers have the faith and capacity to write a role keeping female actresses in mind,” she says. Madhuri continues, “Why confine yourself to stereotypes when there is such a vast opportunity to explore yourself as an actor.”

The actress also says that she wants to do films that portray women realistically. But she clarifies, “I’m not a feminist. Standing up for the right is not wrong. Even in my personal life I don’t always agree with my husband. I do listen to his point of view. But there are times when he is right and I am not wrong either.”

Madhuri may be back to work in full force, but for her family is priority. “Acting was my love and my passion but I’m also a complete hands-on homemaker and mother. My work schedules now revolve around my family. I take up work that doesn’t keep me away from home and family for too long. I’m aware that my kids need me around them and they are my priority.” she says.

Madhuri has been synonymous with grace, talent and beauty. In times when most actresses succumb to the plastic look, this diva has not given in. According to her, beauty isn’t about the face. “You look good when you feel good. I endorse a happy, stress-free and healthy lifestyle. In the long run that’s what keeps you going.”


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