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KJo-Kareena stand by Salman



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> The imprisioned superstar gets support from Bollywood

While actor Salman Khan has cut the chase and is cooling his heels in a Jodhpur prison with old cellmate Mahesh, the film fraternity is resolute as ever in their support for the black buck-shooting actor.

"I think Salman is a great guy and we have been unfair and hard on him," said actor Kareena Kapoor. "Salman is someone I worked with in my first film and I'm exceptionally fond of him and his family. Salman's family and my family have been very close over the years. So when I speak of him I speak emotionally so I hope everything goes well for him because we love Salman," said Karan Johar.

And on the flip-side, both Johar and Kareena are just as happy for actor Sanjay Dutt who walked out on bail earlier this week. "Whenever I speak about Sanju (Dutt) I speak emotionally. I speak from my heart because he has been a very close member of my family. My father goes way back with his father. So I can only hope and pray for the very best for him. I'm happy and relieved that hes back home," said Johar. "It's wonderful because he is part of my family. Our prayers have paid off. He deserves all the happiness in life," said Kareena.

Touching vociferous support, that is. Of course it also helps that the two actors doing the jail-house rounds are two of the most bankable stars in the film industry. At the very least, one has to admire the way Bollywood closes its ranks when anyone of them is in trouble!

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