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Esha Deol talks about her Darling



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Esha Deol talks about her Darling
21 Aug, 2007 02:43 pm

She may have become the glam sham ma'am of Bollywood, but actress Esha Deol enjoys being filmdom's Girl Interrupted. "I'm a sucker for pain," she tells us, and her role in Ram Gopal Varma's Darling is painful, alright. "I play an unsatisfied soul who returns as a ghost to finish the unfinished," she explains. Being directed by RGV for the first time ever, Esha is quite thrilled with Mr. Director. "It's wonderful being in a film that's directed by Ramu himself, and that's pretty rare these days. The thrill about working with him is that he makes you look so raw and natural. You aren't pancaked with make-up."

ED seems to enjoy similar R-N-R (Raw & Rugged) films when she is simply chilling out, too. " Indecent Proposal, Fatal Attraction, Girl Interrupted and Darr are my kind of movies," she says. But her more recent and stylized Cash didn't quite rake in the moolah at the box office. "I regret Cash to a certain extent. I myself didn't understand what the film was all about when I watched it. I agree it was a decision gone wrong."

But there is enough and more happening in the girl's life to be bogged down by one failure. She is getting several endorsement opportunities. "A lot of hard-work has gone behind becoming what I am. In order to endorse products, one has to be fit enough to endorse them. You need to deserve it. It's not easy and such things don't just drop into your lap. But I am happy that it's all happening now," states Esha.

The Deol hasn't been linked up with anyone of late. But who is her 'darling', we ask and she simply says, "My dog Picola."

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